Our Story

It all started with a challenge...

... okay, not so much of a challenge, but more like a loving directive. Hi, this is Charles and Thelisha- founders of ZuriWoman and the Zuriband! Thank you for visiting our website.

It was 2014 and we were living in Charlotte, North Carolina. We ended up in the Queen City because of jobs, but then all of a sudden, things weren't going as planned. We soon found ourselves young, married, living  in a two bedroom apartment (on one  contract salary) with a baby on the way.

I knew I had a skill (Thelisha). My mom taught me how to sew when I was kid and in the back of my mind lived the dream of opening a clothing boutique. With my sewing machine (that I got from my mom) sitting on our bedroom dresser, I made a cute, little girl's dress. But someone (Charles) didn't think it was that cute. So on his way to work one morning, he gives that loving directive: "make some cute". 

I handed him his lunch. (thinking, "I just  did!") He leaves and I head back to that sewing machine, sitting on that dresser. To this day, I can't remember the train of thought that lead  me to my hair; but when that mental locomotive pulled into the station, I was thinking back to my college days. (That's where I met Charles, did my first big chop and fell in love with head wraps and ties- I'll post pics to our facebook page @satinlinedheadbands and instagram @zuriwoman). But while thinking back and remembering those days, I also remembered something else- pain and frustration.

Headbands were cute, but they also hurt. Today I call this pain the "headband headache." For me, it would  happen about 45 min. after putting on a traditional, headband. The pain would start right behind my ears and permeate to the font of my head. The next thing that happened- was me pulling off that pain-maker and messing up my hairstyle. And even though I loved the look, feel and statement of headwraps- I didn't want to wear them all the time.

Flash forward to 2014 in our two-bedroom, North Carolina apartment... I found myself combining the look, functionality and stability of a traditional headband with the comfort and fashionable style of fabrics-and with the added touch of hair-protecting satin, the Zuriband was born!

The Zuriband Difference

Committed to Quality


 Zuri Woman is a fashion line of unique, hand-made fashion accessories . We manufacture the Zuriband, an all-fabric, satin-lined or reversible, cotton-lined headband. Zuribands come in a variety of colors and unique prints.  Zuri Woman products are made by hand in the United States. Our products are beautiful and unique- the perfect accessory for all women (beautiful and unique) around the world!

Zuri Woman - Be unique. Be you. Be Zuri! 

Our Products


Zuribands come in a variety of colors and unique prints and offer a snug, yet comfortable fitting headband. Because the Zuriband is made with all fabric, the product is soft and helps eliminate "headband headaches," (often experienced when wearing hard, plastic headbands.) Most Zuribands are machine washable and can be dried in a dryer. 

What You Get


Style- Our collection of Zuribands are made with unique, fashionable, expressive colors and prints!

Practicality- Satin-lined Zuribands protect the edges of hair. Reversible, cotton-lined option offers two Zuribands


Comfort- Our all-fabric design helps eliminate the "headband headache"